I am Raul C. Alcazar
 I am running for Board Member of our Cooperative

To my fellow sellers,

We are now on the way to becoming a full fledged Cooperative by having full control.

Since August last year, I and my fellow officers assumed appointive positions in our Coop marking the first time that sellers gained some semblance of participation in running the affairs of the Coop. Our positions were not absolute, since we are hold-over only and we have no mandate.  Also, I was the only seller in the Board, as Secretary only.

These past 9 mos. served as a "getting to know you" period.  We underwent many trainings with the CDA and have learned about the operations of the Coop. We have also gained access to Lazada Management. We have identified areas of concern about the Coop and we have started addressing these concerns.

It is for this reason that I am seeking your vote and support to allow me and my co-officers to continue what we are doing and what we have started so that there will be continuity, hindi bitin.

For the first time, the Board will be composed of real sellers and we are going to have full control of ourselves. I ask that you allow me to lead you to the right direction.

It is important that we do it right the first time because whatever we do today, will be the basis of what our leaders will do in the future.  We should therefore build the right path.

Let's do it right the first time, and make things right.


I served as Coop Board Secretary from Aug 2020 up to April 23 2020. For the first few months we underwent several trainings required by the CDA.  Therefore, qualified na kami to be officers.  Ginastusan ng Coop ang required trainings, kaya kung kami ang iboboto ninyo, makakatipid tayo ng malaki.

I am the only seller who sat in the Board. I served as your representative in the Board and therefore worked to protect sellers/members interests. Although my job is just to take notes and record meetings, I participated in Board deliberations actively. For Every decision or issues the, Board always waits or asks for my opinions & recommendations.  What happened during the time that I served as Secretary was all decisions passed through me, before being approved by the Board which is composed of Lazada lawyers, Atty. Ken Koga and Atty. Katrina Gaw.

For the period that I served, I wrote the minutes of Board Meetings and Board Resolutions all of which are uploaded in the Google Drive of the Coop.

Officially and on paper, I am the Custodian of Corporate records, but in reality these documents are in our offices in BGC, Taguig where they are more secure.

I also served as the Leader of our Officers, although  unofficial. Without me asking for it, my co-officers considered me as their leader, and for which I am grateful to them. We hold regular meetings ourselves, and I brief them about important developments, since I am the only one who have access to the Board.

Our TEAM, composed of all the officers, are responsible for working for the yearend benefits which we recently received in the amount of P1,300.00 each in the form of Lazada vouchers.  We are committed to improve the distribution in a better manner, in the form of CASH, next time around.

In order to address issues, we worked out a dialogue with Lazada Management.  October last year we met with Lazada Top Managment headed by Rey Alimurung, CEO of Lazada, together with Carlos Barrera, Hussein Khalid, Jacqui Fuentes, Petrus Carbonell and all the Top Brass of Lazada.

Aside from that, we hold regular meetings with Petrus Carbonell, the latest of which was last April 25, 2021. We have communications lines with his staff.

Last March, we were given a tour of the main sortation center in San Pedro Sorting Center to see for ourselves how logistics operate.

Our engagement with Lazada Management will continue.
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