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mykovam organic soil inoculant Mykovam
organic soil inoculant & rooting medium
P200.00 per kilo

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Mychorrhizal inoculant for forest trees , fruit crops, ornamentals, agricultural crops and forage crops/

Effective for fruit trees and agricultural crops
Less cost
More harvest & better income
Proven & tested by farmers all over the Philippines
Effective replacement for chemical fertilizers
No harmful effects to human & animals
Environment friendly

Mykovam is a soild-based bio fertilizer, which has effective species of fungi call vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza (VAM). The fungi inoculates the roots, form a close assocaition with the plant when inoculated to the seedings and assist the plant in the absorption of water and nutrients. The fungi also prevent root infection by pathgens and increase plant tolerance to drought and heavy metals. A kilo of Mykovam can fertilize 400 seedlings

Replaces about 60% to 85% of the plant's chemical requirments
Improves sol properties and fertility
Promotes absorption of water and nutrients such as phosphorous, nitrogen and zinc
Environment friendly

Plants/tree species on which to apply Mykovam
reforestation species (narra, acacia, kakawate madre de agua, etc.)
fruit trees (coconut, guava, rambutan, papaya, citrus, banana, lanzones, coffee, guyabao, cocobut, mango, cacao, etc.)
agricultural crops (upland rice, corn, tomato, eggplant, onion, garlic, pepper, cassava, sweet potato, etc.

Limitations: Cannot be used in crops belonging to the crucifers/cabbage family (cabbage, pechay, mustard) and lowland rice.

How to use:
1. For seedlings grown in pots or containers, half fill the containers with the potting medium. Place 2.5 grams (about 1/2 teaspoon) of Mykovam at the center of the pot. The fill again with the potting medium.
2. Use as a layer in germination box. Put Mykovam as a layer in the germination medium. Sow the seeds directly on top.
3. Use as soil i marcotting. Mykovam can be used as a replacment for soil in marcotting. The mychorrhizal fungi enhance root development.
4. For field application, appply Mykovam by hand under the furrows at a rate of 20 gms per linear meter prior to seedling or transplanting.

Soil-based biofertilizer for fruit trees, agricultural crops,reforestation species, and ornamentals

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